Tomb of Asif Jah

Asif-Jah-TombThe tomb of Asif Jah is located opposite to the tomb of Emperor Jahangir. Mirza Abul Hasan Asif Jah (also called Asaf Khan) was the brother of Empress Nur Jahan, who was a beloved wife of Jahangir, and the father of Arjmand Banu Begum( Mumtaz Mahal), the “Lady Of Taj” who is buried in India at Agra in Taj Mahal. Under the Shah Jahan, Asaf Jah was the Prime Minister of India and the Viceroy of the Punjab. He also owned a palace in Lahore, which was later called ‘Asaf Jah’s Haveli’.

Asaf Jah died in 1641 AD and his tomb was built by the order of Emperor Shah Jahan who was his son-in-law. Once a grand edifice, the tomb is octagonal in structure with a high bulbous dome and echoes the architectural character of Ali Mardan Khan’s tomb. I am sorry to say that now a days the condition of the tomb is very miserable. We should love with our precious heritage assets.