Nankana City Tours

Guru Nanak’s Birthplace


Nankana Sahib situated on the railway line 29km southwest of Sheikhupura, is an important place of pilgrimage the birthplace of Guru Nanak (1469–1539), the founder of the Sikh religion. There is an enormous complex of buildings. There are two main Sikh temples or gurdwaras here, BaLila where Guru Nanak, spent his childhood, and Janamasthan, where he is believed to have been born. The most important site is the actual site of birth, which is now surmounted by a Gurdwara. Thrice a year, on Besakhi (April), Death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (June) and Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev (November),  Sikh Yatries visit these holy places in thousands.

Apart from these two main Gurdwaras, Nankana Sahib has some other religious attractions like Gurdwaras Maulvi Patti Sahib, Tambu Sahib, Mall JI Sahib, Kayara Sahib and Nahang Sahib Singh Chhauni. There are some sites associated with people who were killed in disputes over the control of Sikh shrines when there was conflict between the traditional guardians of shrines and Sikh reformers in the 1920s. The fighting at Nankana was especially savage.