Kamran’s Baradari

kamran-baradari-lahoreKamran Mirza, sometimes known simply as Kamran, (1509 – 5 (or 6) October 1557) was the second son of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire and the first Mughal Emperor.

The only significant architectural structure built by Kamran exists today in Lahore, Pakistan. It is called Kamran ki Baradari. Bara means twelve and dar means doors. Kamran ki baradari was a twelve door building on the bank of River Ravi. The river changed its course over time, with the result that the Baradari stands not on the bank but in the waters as an island while the gardens have deteriorated.

Kamran Baradari Lahore (Baradari of Kamran Mirza) is one of the attractive oldest Mughal monuments, situated in ravi river Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in 1540, by Kamran Mirza for their family get together along.

kamran-baradariBaradari of Kamran Mirza has many interesting and entertaining features for the visitors, around the circle the stunning look of ravi river along with full of greenery and lots of colorful flowers which has make their spot more sightseeing then that.

As can see, Lahore city has around plenty of unseen places which is top listed visited spot among all age, every hangout places have its own value and worth. But when historical Mughals spots comes around then the beauty of facts and figures has already been changed.

Moreover, Kamran Baradari Lahore has a unique kind of structure fascinate around many visitors. It has all rooms of corners are seeming to be 12, infant, this word Baradari has hidden meaning, as break these words then find a real meaning like “Bara” means 12 (Twelve) and off course “Dari” means Doors, so combine these magical words it become Kamran 12 door place.

Many families, Tourist and Visitors come here to enjoy this beautiful spot which has store many features inside the beautiful Kamran’s Baradari Lahore.