Dara Shikoh’s Mosque

Dara Shikoh, the son of Emperor Shah Jahan and the brother of Aurangeb Alamgir, loved Lahore due to his deep devotion for Hazrat Mian Mir (r.a). During the 17th century, the area around the shrine of Hazrat Mian Mir (r.a) was called ‘Darapur’, where Dara Shikoh built a beautiful mosque with exquisitely styled ‘Palki’ domes. Today the mosque has been extended and a high tower added to it. Now, making the heart of Mian Mir Village, the whole mosque is embellished with artistic decoration. The mosque is also known as ‘Khawaja Behari Mosque’ because of the nearby tomb of Hazrat Khawaja Behari (r.a), a devout disciple of Hazrat Mian Mir (r.a).