Ali Mardan Khan Tomb

Ali Mardan Khan TombThe imposing tomb of Ali Mardan Khan is accessible by a 300 m long walkway, relieved by an interesting pattern of light and shade filtering through the lattice roof. Ali Mardan Khan was a noble at the court of Safavid King. After surrendering Iranian Qandhar to Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638, he joined the Mughal court and rose rapidly to great heights. He was appointed Governor of Kashmir and Lahore, also attaining the title of “Amir-ul-Umara”(Lord of Lords). He was also a skilled engineer and built a number of canals including the one that feeded Shalamar Gardens.

Much to sorrow of the Emperor, his favorite noble died in 1657 AD, while on his way to Kashmir, and was buried in the tomb that he had built for his mother. This remarkable structure once stood in the center of a luxuriant, paradisaical garden, the extent of which can be seen by its existing double-story gateway. The tomb, which is octagonal in shape, attracts attention for its height. The interesting feature of its bulbous dome is that one can enter into its inner shell.